Top Cruise Ship Amenities Worth Experiencing

Luxury cruises are undoubtedly a trendy vacation option for families, couples and friends who want to spend culture-filled days in various destinations followed by opulent nights onboard. Regardless, to provide their passengers with the finest experiences possible while onboard, cruise ships are outfitted with a variety of remarkable amenities, such as ice drinks, floating restaurants, luxury spas and designer shops.

So, if you are unaware of the services provided by cruise ships, here are 5 cruise ship amenities worth experiencing!

Top cruise ship amenities worth experiencing

To enjoy your cruise trip to the fullest, check out the top 5 cruise ship amenities you should experience.

1. Onboard planetarium

Some luxury cruise lines have a stunning planetarium where guests can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and stargaze to their favourite songs.

Most importantly, several luxurious cruise ships offer this extraordinary service, including the iconic ocean liner Queen Mary 2 of Cunard. Regardless of that, being on a massive ship at sea and having the option to stargaze in moments of tranquility is a unique experience.

2. Exquisite restaurants

Every cruise is made to provide its guests with exceptional cuisine. However, to offer the finest travel experience, they also host famous chefs and source locally-sourced ingredients.

A few ships also offer restaurants with a theme, such as Disney’s Animator’s Palate and Royal Caribbean’s Wonderland Restaurant. So, if having a great dining experience is a priority for you, search for ships that offer a wide variety of dining alternatives, such as open seating and alternative restaurants.

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3. Casino area

The onboard casino is one of the most well-liked features of any luxury cruise line. These vessels, which can be hundreds of square meters in size, are furnished with cutting-edge gaming tables and numerous high-tech slot machines. Above all, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner — you’ll get the assistance you need to understand and appreciate the variety of games at your disposal.

4. Water-based activities

The amenities onboard are the best thing to experience the multitude of activities on the sea. These amenities may accommodate various needs, so start looking and selecting the best ship for your upcoming trip. These amenities include pools with spectacular waterslides, water parks for kids, and other water-based activities.

5. Ice bars and snow rooms

Perhaps the Caribbean beaches come to mind when you think about cruising. However, while travelling there, you can experience the polar ambience onboard. On most cruises, there are areas with ice to create the most frigid atmosphere possible.

For instance, you can check out Norwegian Cruise Line and Viking Ocean Cruise ships, which provide ice bars and a wintery atmosphere. Another location is the Svedka Ice Bar, where everything within the bar, including the sculpture, seat, glasses and more, is made of ice.

Additional amenities

Apart from these 5 amazing cruise ship amenities, you can also try a few others –

  • Skydiving
  • Cinemas
  • Robotic bartenders
  • Slides
  • Escape rooms
  • Sea-gazing
  • Magic carpets
  • Roller coaster

Key takeaway

Over the past two decades, cruise ships have outdone themselves to offer the newest and best amenities, from heart-pounding thrills to clever technology. So, if you’re planning a cruise for your upcoming vacation, check out the above-mentioned 5 cruise ship amenities worth experiencing!


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