Top 5 Tips to Make your next Solo Cruise Memorable

The popularity of solo cruising has surged exponentially, and if you haven’t explored it, you might want to know some of the top tips to make your next solo cruise memorable. Solo cruising is for more than just extroverted people. People of all ages are now choosing to cruise alone. A cruise is one of the best ways to travel alone, whether you enjoy chatting up with everyone who passes by at the bar or just prefer a peaceful spot with earbuds and a book.

Top tips to make your next solo cruise memorable

So you can make your next cruise memorable with these 5 tips:

1. Choose your cruise thoughtfully

Booking a cabin for solo travel frequently means you still have to pay higher fees equivalent to two people, as most cruise ship staterooms are designed to fit at least two people. However, although it’s uncommon, some cruise ships also include single cabins designed for just one person.

Cruise lines that operate ships with solo cabins include Cunard Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, etc. Also, river cruise ships, which hold 100 to 200 passengers, are the smallest cruise liners and they offer single cabin options as well.

So, if you prefer a more personal ambience onboard, a river cruise is unquestionably an alternative to take into account.

2. Join groups

Each cruise has a social media group that is established before departure, so you can join for your sailing expedition. This will make you feel like you are a part of a community. Most importantly, these groups are especially beneficial for solo cruisers since they provide an informal forum for setting up meet-ups and asking questions.

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3. Socialise onboard

Sometimes it can be appealing to spend all day reading a good book, and you’ll have plenty of time to do it. However, it’s always a good idea to mix it up and take advantage of all the amenities onboard.

You can always check the daily activities onboard on the cruise line’s app, cabin TV, or even the paper itinerary.

You will find activities for lone cruisers, and this is a terrific opportunity to socialise onboard and meet other solo cruisers.

4. Take benefits of group excursions

Group excursions are something you’ll want to ensure your solo cruise offers. This is because they are a terrific way to enhance each experience as you explore the various locations with other travellers and people you’ve met onboard.
This is a great opportunity if you want to visit the sights and spend more time with friends you’ve made onboard.

5. Download audiobooks or podcasts

After strolling through a port, relaxing on the deck, or exploring the ship, listen to podcasts as they offer the mind something to think about or contemplate rather than just being alone. They can also make you laugh loud as well. Your go-to podcasts act as your best travel partners.

So you should pack a pair of headphones for your solo cruise and download your favourite podcasts or a brand-new audiobook for those moments when you might not feel like interacting with other passengers.

Additional tips

So, if you are excited to know how to make your next solo cruise unforgettable, you can check out these tips –

● Register for an onboard class
● Get aquainted with the front desk staff
● Make friends with a bartender
● Opt for group activities onboard
● While onboard, be open to talking to people

Final word

On a cruise ship, you can find solitude and peace if you’re seeking it. Also, you can find accessible spots on the outdoor decks to relax if you aren’t feeling social. The most crucial factor is enjoying yourself, whatever you decide to do. Also, going on a solo cruise allows you to priorities yourself and spend your time how you see fit.

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