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Cruises to Europe

Europe Cruises

Experience the culture-rich history of Europe while soaking up the sun in the dazzling Mediterranean.

What better place to get the latest fashions and explore ancient ruins than here, where old and new meet in perfect harmony? Take in the picture-perfect landscapes of Europe and the Mediterranean on a cruise. Don’t forget to sample its mouth-watering delicacies and culture, and tradition.

You will need help narrowing down where you want to travel on your European cruise. A Western Mediterranean itinerary usually includes Barcelona, Monaco, and Italian ports. A cruise to the eastern Mediterranean contains destinations such as eastern Italy, Croatia, Greece, and sometimes Turkey and Israel. The Baltic Sea opens up Scandinavia and Russia, and the Norwegian Fjords are a sight to behold. You can visit castles in England, Scotland, and London on British Isles cruises. The Canary Islands are an excellent choice for sun lovers.

Almost fifty nations offer something different, a delicious delicacy or a tale about a knight who conquered a kingdom and a quirky princess. Many regions make up the continent. You will find rugged and modern Scandinavian countries throughout Northern Europe, such as Sweden and Denmark. Several nations in the Mediterranean include Spain, Italy, and Greece. There are beautiful traditions in these countries, such as flamenco dancing and pizza making, not to mention gorgeous beaches. The cities of Paris, London, and Brussels are among the cultural highlights of Western Europe.

Central Europe’s capitals, like Vienna and Budapest, can be explored on a river cruise on the Rhine or Danube. As you explore this magnificent continent, you will create a bigger picture.

What is the best time to cruise to Europe?

Europe’s most popular season is summer, but spring and fall shoulder seasons offer fewer crowds and generally lower fares. Europe is a popular destination for cruise lines year-round, with unique voyages for viewing the northern lights, visiting holiday markets, and other wintry wonders. However, from January to February, there are notably fewer departures from Europe.

Which cruise lines go to Europe?

In Europe, most oceangoing cruise lines offer itineraries that cross Northern, Eastern, and Western European nations. Cruise lines like Princess Cruises, Norwegian, Regent, Azamara, Silversea, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Holland America, and more have itineraries here. A number of river cruise lines travel to Europe using rivers such as the Danube, Rhine, Douro, Emerald, Scenic, AmaWaterways, and more.

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What are some things to do in Europe?

The continent is a treasure trove of cultural landmarks, art museums, hiking trails, natural wonders, fashion capitals, and some of the best food and drink in the world. Whether you want to traverse Norway, France, Italy, or Croatia or stroll around and admire the architecture is up to you.

What should you pack for a cruise to Europe?

Walking down cobblestone streets is a common way to see European sights. Wear comfortable shoes. If you’re planning on attending the opera at night, bring clothes that can be worn for sightseeing and going to the opera. When visiting a cathedral or mosque, a simple pashmina or shawl keeps the chill at bay.

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