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Cruises to Alaska

Alaska Cruises

Alaska cruises are a great way to experience the last frontier.

The Matanuska Valley grows cabbages that weigh 90 pounds, and Alaska’s coastline is longer than any other U.S. state. In the wild heart of the state, Denali National Park lies the tallest peak in North America. A taiga forest full of pines and spruce trees is among the towering peaks. Explore the icy beauty of Alaska’s glaciers on a cruise, or take a bike ride along the Coastal Trail for sweeping views of the forests and ocean. With an Alaska cruise, you can discover the magic of the state.

Alaska cruises offer many exciting and enchanting vacation options, including huskies and halibut. You will encounter incredible wildlife and natural attractions on your Alaskan cruise. Take a moment to appreciate the gracefulness of whales breaching the freezing waters. The tundra is filled with bears lumbering through, and the mountains are home to Caribou.

Other reasons to cruise to Alaska? The day is spent climbing mountains, and the night is spent relaxing in hot springs. Halibut and King Salmon can be caught or sledd with Alaskan Huskies. You’ll never forget your Alaska cruise adventure!

There are numerous opportunities for cruisers to appreciate the natural beauty of the 49th State, the largest in the U.S. Cruise the Inside Passage to see Glacier Bay, Icy Strait, and Ketchikan, one of the few U.S. capitals that can’t be reached by car. Visit the Kenai Peninsula and nearby Anchorage for cruise tours to Denali, Fairbanks, and Canada’s Yukon. There’s a good chance you’ll see a bear!

Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Cruises Destinations

1. When is the best time to cruise to Alaska?

Cruises in Alaska are typically available from May through September, and some locals say early June is a great time to visit.

2. What cruise lines sail to Alaska?

Almost all cruise lines visit Alaska during the summer because it is one of the most popular cruise destinations. With so many options, cruisers heading to Alaska will have many to choose from.

3. What can you do in Alaska?

It’s impossible to list all the things you can do in Alaska: flightseeing, fishing, dogsledding, gold-panning, and so much more.

4. Is a passport required for an Alaskan cruise?

All guests should check the cruise lines requirements for travel documents needed for their itinerary.

5. Packing for an Alaska cruise: what should I bring?

Layers are key! Alaska’s weather changes frequently, so waterproof gear is necessary for addition to gloves, hats, and light weight clothing.

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